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The South African sun taught us how important it is to protect yourself against the sun’s harmful UV rays while enjoying your time outdoors. Established in 2009, Emthunzini Hats offers sun safe, travel-friendly hats designed for the whole family to ensure that a wide range of consumer tastes are met with over 60 styles to choose from.


Pronounced “em-toon-zee-nee” the brand name originates from the Zulu word Emthunzini, which means “a place in the shade”. Emthunzini Hats were the first sun hats to have been awarded the CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) Seal of Recognition. 


As part of the House of Ord – Cape Town brand, the Emthunzini Hats collections are distributed exclusively in Southern Africa.



With experience in the headwear industry for many years, we noticed the need for a range of headwear that was relatively inexpensive at a lower price point, but still of a high quality.


360FIVE everyday headwear was launched in 2018 in South Africa with affordable quality in mind.


Developing a range of sun hats that could be purchased as an impulse buy or bought by those with a limited range of expendable income, meant designing a range that would not only be appealing to a wider group of consumers in more locations, but still offer the consumer superior sun protection with a choice in hat styles and materials.

Evoke Australia-Logo

Evoke Australia headwear brings sophisticated sun protection to all that enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle. Expertise in design and fashion along with an appreciation of the damage caused by the harsh Australian sun inspired the creation of innovative new fabrics to withstand these conditions.


Selected styles have been designed for golf enthusiasts and feature a hidden magnet in the headband, designed to keep a metal golf ball-marker handy. An innovative idea for unique branding, the magnetic badge offers the possibility to customize the hat by adding a corporate identity. An ideal solution for corporate events, golf clubs, tourist attractions and wine estates, among others.


“Keep it Safe.”  EaziCard is a slim, lightweight aluminium RFID card protector that allows you to easily store and access multiple cards. Keep your cards safe against bending, breaking, scratching and unwanted RFID wireless communications. 


EaziCard Card Holder wallets are available in Genuine Leather (8 colours), Cork (4 patterns), PU Leather (4 vintage style colours), and the Stacker (6 metallic colours). The EaziCard Money Clip Card Holder is available in 3 metallic colours. 


Perfect gift idea! EaziCard wallets are the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, thank you, special milestone or even as a corporate gift solution.