Our Expertise

Maximum Sun Protection

Elevate your sun protection with our meticulously crafted UPF50+ certified hats. Rigorously tested by independent laboratories, our hats meet and exceed the stringent UPF50+ regulations, ensuring you unparalleled defense against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Boasting a remarkable UPF50+ rating, our hats provide an impressive blockage of 97-98% of these rays, safeguarding your skin with the utmost efficacy.



We take pride in being pioneers in sun protection in South Africa, as Emthunzini Hats was the first brand to receive the prestigious CANSA SunSmart Seal of Recognition (CSOR).


This acknowledgment underscores our commitment to excellence and adherence to the recognized standards of: EN 13758-2:2003+A1.


All documentation and testing certificates available on request. 

Madagascan Raffia

Mia Raffia - FBD14 - Natural 3

Experience the artistry of our hats crafted from premium raffia sourced in Madagascar. Handwoven or crocheted by skilled artisans, these hats combine elegance with durability. Each piece reflects a unique blend of style and comfort.

Travel Friendly Materials

Most of our hats are travel-friendly and, depending on the material, can be rolled or squashed flat in your luggage. They will simply bounce back on arrival. Some hats must be handled with more care; simply check the instructions on the tag.

We are committed in hand picking premium quality materials from manufacturing partners that comply to ethical working standards and consciously strive to learn and contribute to a more sustainable manufacturing process. We value extending product longevity through innovative craftmanship embodied in timeless and elegant designs.

Introducing FLEXIBRAID, a crush-resistant material designed for travel enthusiasts. Colorfast and hand washable, this packable and lightweight fabric ensures convenience and durability for your on-the-go adventures.


Adjustable Sizing

adjust comfyfit

Discover our hat collection with three adjustable sizing options: Comfy-Fit clips, velcro, and drawstrings making them practical for windy days and outdoor adventures. Our commitment to adjustable sizing ensures a practical and customized experience for every wearer. 

Seasonal Collections

Indulge in the sophistication of our seasonal sun hat collections, proudly featuring designs from House of Ord – Cape Town  and 360FIVE Everyday. Elevate your style with specialized materials such as wool, felt, and corduroy, meticulously crafted to offer both fashion-forward aesthetics and unparalleled comfort. These carefully curated collections are a testament to our commitment to quality and versatility.

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