Cape Town, the southernmost tip of South Africa, is a magical place that rustles your hair, gets under your skin, and soothes your soul. A paradise with golden
beaches, azure summer skies, and the ever-present iconic Table Mountain as its beautiful backdrop. Beyond this, the natural wilderness of the African
continent is just a short trip away from the luxurious and cosmopolitan vibe of the city.

Often Cape Town is referred to as “The Mother City”, an affectionate term used to describe the intimate feeling of home. House of Ord – Cape Town was founded here with the aim of sharing our love for Cape Town, combined with a desire to protect against the sun.

With an eye for detail, House of Ord – Cape Town provides high-quality hats where craftsmanship and premium materials are embodied in timeless and elegant designs. This ensures the durability of our hats and a long-term relationship with our customers.


With experience in the headwear industry for many years, we noticed the need for a range of headwear that was relatively inexpensive at a lower price point, but still of a high quality.



360FIVE everyday headwear was launched in 2018 in South Africa with affordable quality in mind.



Developing a range of sun hats that could be purchased as an impulse buy or bought by those with a limited range of expendable income, meant designing a range that would not only be appealing to a wider group of consumers in more locations, but still offer the consumer superior sun protection with a choice in hat styles and materials.