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Where It All Started

With a love for local travel and outdoor adventure, Gilly and Sandy Ord founded Emthunzini Hats in 2009. The abundance of sunshine filled days and outdoor activities all year-round inspired them to launch a range of stylish sun protective hats and were the first brand to receive the CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) Seal of Recognition in South Africa.

Global Growth

What We Do

After many years of success in Southern Africa, the decision was made to expand further via a global distribution network gaining two new partners to help grow the Emthunzini Hats brand further, as well as introduce new fashion accessories brands into the market.

Following the growth of Emthunzini Hats which started in 2009, FIG Distribution (Pty) Ltd was established in South Africa in 2017. With a multi-brand strategy including both private and international labels, with the focus on sun protection and premium quality materials.

Expanding internationally, FIG Distribution Europe B.V. was established in 2019 in The Netherlands.

Our distribution network ensures our accessories brands are easily and widely accessible to the public. Currently, we distribute sun hats, bags, wallets, and umbrellas.

Headwear Brands

Using premium quality materials, ethical and sustainable production methods as well as functional features, our stylish sun hats are designed to last.

Other Fashion Accessories

EaziCard RFID Wallets

In addition to headwear, FIG Distribution launched EaziCard RFID Wallets in 2019 in South Africa. EaziCard is a collection of aluminium card holder wallets designed to keep your cards safe against bending, breaking, scratching and unwanted RFID wireless communications. Available in a wide range of materials and colours, including genuine leather and cork.


About Us

Fig Distribution (Pty) Ltd is an importer and distributor of fashion accessories.

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